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Cleaning And Dusting Your Mattress And Keep That Way

The bed is the focal point of every room. But unfortunately, this is also one of the most neglected. Mattresses are not cleaned regularly. As a result, dust mites and bugs accumulate in it.

Tiny creatures in your bed can actually cause skin problems. Bed bugs, for example, feed on dead epithelial cells. They cause rashes and skin infections. Dust mites have a similar effect. Inhalation can also trigger abnormal production of histamine in the system. This leads to unwanted physical problems such as wheezing, coughing, difficulty breathing, sneezing, and watery eyes.

Needless to say, you need to keep your mattress clean at all times. 

Try the following bedroom cleaning tips:

Tip 1. Always use a vacuum cleaner when cleaning the bed and the area under the mattress. If you use other cleaning tools without a suction formula, you only release dust particles into the air. You just scatter the dust in your room. Choose a vacuum cleaner that has HEPA or a high-efficiency air filter to remove dust from the air.

Tip 2. Vacuum all sides of the mattress at least once a month. For more efficient cleaning, operate the vacuum in one direction only. Remember to cover all areas, especially the sides and edges of the bed.

Tip 3. To avoid dust collection, use mattress covers. Many people tend to shy away from mattress covers because their plastic interior is usually quite uncomfortable. But now you can find covers made of more comfortable materials. Also use a mattress that is resistant to dust mites.

Tip 4. Change bed linen and pillowcases once a week. It’s not just dust particles and bed bugs that put you at risk. Your skin also separates dead skin cells and sebum. They can stimulate the growth of bacteria and germs in sheets and pillowcases.
Wash in minimum 60 °C  water and use a mild detergent. Put them on to dry completely. This will kill the dust mites.

Tip 5. Avoid lying on the bed while eating. Also, avoid hopping into bed if you have just gone outdoors. Your clothes can contain sweat, bacteria and germs that are sure to transfer to the mattress. Switch to a clean cloth first if you want to maintain a clean mattress.

Tip 6: Close windows on windy days. The wind can carry the dust into your room and easily reach the surface of the bed. 

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Marble Cleaning Tips

If your marble floors or countertops are looking a bit lackluster, chances are they’re begging for a cleaning. 

Then again, those streaks or that surface film could instead signal that you’ve over-cleaned the surface, using too much soap.

Yes, the results of over-cleaning and under-cleaning this stone surface are roughly the same. Either way, the solution is the same, too – you’ll need to polish them.

The important thing is this: Follow the marble polishing product’s directions using neither too little nor too much of the cleaner.

Or, if you’d like to get back to square one, call in a professional stone artisan who can professionally polish your marble (and reseal if necessary) for you. And in the future, keep these marble cleaning tips in mind.

These marble cleaning tips can help keep your surfaces lustrous and scratch-free.

  • Keep marble surfaces clean. Dust or wipe dingy, dirty surfaces with a damp cloth. 
  • Don’t let spills or food sit on your marble. Clean up spills as they happen.
  • If the inevitable happens (food sits and dries), tackle the spots by sprinkling a bit of borax or baking powder on them. Rub gently with a damp sponge or cloth. Loosen the food and remove it. Wipe clean with a damp, clean cloth. 
  • Warm water only should be used on the floor. Vinegar, often added as a cleaning agent, is acidic and will make your floor’s surface look worse. 
  • Always polish-dry your marble floors and countertops. As you know, marble spots quite easily.

To remove water spots from marble floors and countertops, apply several drops of hydrogen peroxide with a medicine dropper, followed with a drop or two of ammonia.

This may create a cloud of fumes, but it is not toxic. After 20 minutes, wipe the marble clean.
Polish with a stone sealer or marble polish, which covers up the small scratches and restores marble’s natural gloss. 

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How To Clean Brick

Floors, walls, and fireplaces made of brick are lovely to look at until they’re stained by grease or grunge, that is.

Here’s a simple way to remove dirt and dust and clean brick of that unsightly grease buildup. 

Mix 2 tablespoons dishwashing liquid, a dash of table salt and enough water to make a smooth cleaning solution that can be used on a brick wall or fireplace. This is home improvement at its easiest.

Rub the solution into the grungy, greasy brick using a cloth or rag. Let stand for 10 minutes.  Use a scrub brush to scour the area. Rinse clean with warm water.

How to Clean Brick of Tough Stains

If that doesn’t work, try this stronger method. Using a stiff-bristle brush, scrub the surface with a cleaning solution of a half-cup Trisodium Phosphate mixed in 1 gallon hot water in a plastic bucket.

TSP is caustic and potentially dangerous, so follow the product’s directions carefully and keep it away from children. 

Be sure to wear rubber or latex gloves, safety goggles, and protective clothing. After scrubbing, rinse the area with warm water.
Repeat if needed, adding up to another half-cup TSP to the cleaning solution, then rinse again with warm water. For exterior brick, a pressure washer is your best cleaning bet.

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Disinfecting Your Washing Machine And Dryer

Before you gather up those dirty duds and head to the laundry room, take a moment to sanitise the space. The condition of your washer and dryer plays a significant role in the cleanliness of your clothing.

Disinfecting your washer and dryer is essential to maintaining your clothing investment and your family’s health. Here’s how to sanitise your washing machine and dryer.

Disinfecting your washing machine

Clean your washer every 2 weeks, or at list every month with an easy vinegar treatment.
Then call out the heavier arsenal to disinfect your washing machine at least semi-annually – to kill germs that may have taken up residence there. If a virus cycles through your home, jump in with some ASAP disinfection.

The Cleaning Routine For Washers

To control germs in your washer, run a full cycle using hot water at the maximum fill setting once every 2 weeks.
Add two cups of distilled white vinegar after the machine fills. Do not launder any clothing or add detergent during this cycle. Its purpose is to dissolve residue and kill germs in the machine and drain.

Steps To Disinfecting Your Washer 

Disinfecting your washer monthly or immediately after washing the clothes of someone who is sick. A surprising number of hardy germs can survive a warm-water swim. You should also be disinfecting your washer after running a load of clothes contaminated with poison oak or poison ivy, pesticides, or petroleum chemicals.

Disinfecting is especially important if you regularly wash in cold water. Washing machines collect dirt, grime, and bacteria from your clothes, towels, and bedding.

If you only use cold water, the laundry detergent and fabric softener’s residual buildup can trap and hold germs and bacteria in a washing machine. These buggers can transfer back to your clothes, causing odor and potentially spreading disease.

Here’s how to sanitise your washing machine using chlorine bleach.

  • Set the washer’s water temperature to hot. If your washing machine has a sanitising cycle, use it. Otherwise, choose a heavy-duty or cotton setting.
  • Add 1 cup of bleach to the washer drum (both front-load and top-load models.) Do not add any clothes.
  • Run a full cycle.
  • When the cycle is complete, check inside the washer and especially under the lid and her rubber seals for signs of mold or residual detergent. If you find any grime scrub the area with a soft-bristled brush and a diluted bleach solution (i.e., 4 teaspoons of bleach added to 1 quart of water).

Cleaning Washing Machine Drawers

Remove all dispensers (detergent, bleach, and fabric softener) and filters, and wash them in the sink in warm soapy water.

Rinse, dry completely, and replace. Run another rinse cycle to ensure that all bleach is removed before doing a load of laundry.

Clean the exterior. Wipe the top, front, and side clean with a solution of chlorine bleach and hot water. Don’t forget any knobs. Rinse and dry with a soft cloth. 

Dryer Duty

To control germs in your dryer, clean the drum’s inside with a disinfecting wipe or bleach solution once a week.

You should also disinfect it after running a load of clothes contaminated with poison oak or poison ivy, pesticides, or petroleum chemicals. 

Routine maintenance should include emptying the lint screen after each load. But even if you consistently clear the lint screen, particles can accumulate at other places along the exhaust system – as fine as your lint screen is, some lint particles will still be finer.

One tip-off to a clogged vent: your clothes don’t seem to dry in one cycle. Rather than risk a fire, plan to check the venting system every six months. 

Be sure to wait until the dryer is completely cool to follow these disinfecting steps.

1.  Remove the lint screen. Clear it of any lint buildup, then soak the filter in the sink in warm soapy water.

2. Ready a cleaning solution. Add 4 teaspoons of chlorine bleach to 1 quart of water. Or use pine oil, phenolic disinfectant, or quaternary disinfectant following label instructions.

3.  Wipe the dryer drum. Dip a soft cloth into the cleaning solution. Wipe the dryer drum’s surface, the rubber seals and gaskets, and the interior of the dryer door, using enough solution to make surfaces visibly wet. Let sit for at least 10 minutes.

4. Return to the lint screen. While your disinfectant solution is doing its work on the dryer drum, go back to your soaking lint screen. Rinse it, shake off excess moisture, then allow it to air-dry.

5.  Rinse the drum well with a cloth dipped in water. Then wipe the drum dry with a clean cloth or allow it to air-dry.

6.  Clean the exterior. Wipe down the outside of the dryer, including any knobs, handles, and the door with the cleaning solution. Let sit for at least 10 minutes. Rinse well with a cloth dipped in water. Allow it to air-dry or buff dry.

7.  Replace the lint screen once thoroughly dry. 

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Some Things To Do Before Traveling To Summer Holiday

It is summer time, vacation season, so let’s talk about traveling.
Regardless of where you are going and for how long you’ll be gone, there’s a few to do Before leaving – packing, stopping mail, making sure you have everything turned off and locked up, and if you have kids, there’s making sure you’ve thought of everything that they could possibly need.
Once the day of departure finally comes, it is easy to leave the house in a flurry of activity and plan to deal with the tornado you left behind upon your return.

But….when you come back from vacation you’re tired, possibly jet-lagged, and just want to sink into your own bed.
So here is just few things to do before we go on vacation, and this few things it makes re-entry so much easier.

Laundry at zero

What does that mean?
We try our best to make sure that all the laundry is washed and put away. I will typically pack for the trip from the fresh laundry a couple days before leaving so I’m not folding and putting things away multiple times.

Check floors

Do a quick vacuum or sweep as needed. It’s so nice to come home to clean floors after being on vacation.

Wipe counters

Do a quick wipe down of the kitchen and bathroom counters, ensures that they’ll be clean upon our return.

Empty the kitchen sink and dishwasher

Emptying the sink, washing dishes, and making sure that the dishwasher is empty is a great way to welcome yourself back into the kitchen.

Make beds

Made beds change the look and feel of a room. It’s always a treat to fall into bed at the end of vacation – especially when it’s made.

Quick tidy and declutter

Pick up little messes – grab a basket and put anything that needs to be returned to it’s proper location in that basket. Try to put those things away before going on vacation or save it until after you come back.

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3 Ways To Include Kids In Cleaning

We got a lot of questions about How to include kids in cleaning and decluttering. It is good to include the kids in cleaning – not only does it teach responsibility but teaches them great life skills. We know that it can be difficult to know just the right way to teach these skills without feeling like I’m nagging all the time and for the kids to feel like they’re contributing to the family. The goal for us is to instil a good work ethic, teach How to clean, and feel the satisfaction of a job well done.

Build habits, not clean rooms

Think about little habits that your kids can work on over time and build on. These little habits will lead to clean rooms – eventually. If you concentrate on the clean room, you’re missing out on the little habits.
Here are the steps to follow: grab a garbage bag and toss everything toss-able, wash sheets, gather dirty laundry and throw in the washer/dryer, tidy up the room, make bed, put away laundry, and vacuum.
It will took a little more to work on this together but the room will probably stay more time clean than usual. Simply just because the kids needed to put effort in 🙂

Give them their own supplies

Putting kid-safe cleaning supplies in a caddy or a bucket gives them the tools they need to help you.
This works for kids of all ages – having supplies at the ready makes it easier to grab and clean. A duster, simple cleaning solution (even just water for the youngest helpers works!), scrub, soap, a scrub brush are all simple and easy tools for cleaning.

Show don’t tell

This is something what can be super helpful when it comes to any task you will try to teach. If you take the time to show how to do something, the end result you’re looking for, probably comes much more quickly than if just ’tell’ them how to do something.
The showing, taking the time, and helping through the process is when the idea really sinks in. Depending on the age, it’s helpful to walk them through a task multiple times, and a check list could be a big help. Because then it’s not us doing the telling, it’s the list that’s keeping them on task.

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Organise Kitchen Cupboard In Minutes

This week’s task is organising a Kitchen Cupboard.
Focus on at least one kitchen cupboard this week and if you have extra time, tackle more than one. If you’re feeling really productive take on all your cupboards or do one or two every day this week.

The best way to organize is to move quickly – concentrating on the task at hand is important to making some changes in your cupboards. Follow a couple simple steps and you’ll have a clean and organized cupboards in 15 minutes flat.

  • Empty cupboard onto the kitchen counter or a table.
  • Wipe entire cupboard clean.
  • Separate items in the cupboard into these categories – Keep, Toss, Donate, Relocate.
  • Return items to shelves – group like items together and make sure your order is logical and makes sense for the needs of your family.

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 Get Rid of Pet Fur In Your Home – Easy Way

If you love dogs or cats but is forever agonising over the fact that they get fur over everything and everyone in your home, then you must know that there are ways to effectively get rid of pet fur. Of course, your best bet would be to hire PerfectClean to do the job for you.

However, here are some quick tips you might want to try out yourself, especially in between services:

Give Your Pet Some Love

Although not all types of pets shed a lot, they do shed to some extent – depending on their breed. You can prevent excessive shedding by brushing your pet’s fur regularly. The great thing about doing this is it’s also one of the ways you can show them your love. You can also ask your groomer or vet about how shedding can be reduced, especially if you have a dog that sheds heavily.

Go for Pet-Friendly Fabrics

Pet fur will stick fast to fabrics such as cotton, wool, loose knits, velvet, velour, and corduroy, among others. Because of this, it might be best to stick to leather, satin and other shiny materials for your furniture cover and beddings, among others.

Wash Pet Beddings Often

Avoid pet fur buildup by regularly washing pet bedding in the washing machine. Once you have washed the bedding, check the drum for any pet fur and clear these away. Wash these off with a short rinse cycle so they won’t get into your next load of laundry.

Cover Your Furniture

If you are not against covering up your armchair, sofa, or duvet cover with blankets, then you must do so especially on areas your pets like to sit on. This is one of the best moves if you don’t want to keep on getting fur off from your furniture.

Trust Your Vacuum Cleaner

If you allow your pets to sit on your sofa or if they prefer sitting on a favourite armchair, then be sure to regularly vacuum these. You can also invest on an anti-static spray that you can apply on the surface after it has been vacuumed off.

Go Damp with Your Mop or Duster

A damp mop or duster will work best on surfaces with lots of pet fur. Just run a damp duster along walls and skirting boards and it will clean off fur along the way. For your flooring, a damp mop will do it quite nicely.

Rescue Your Clothes with Lint Rollers

Furniture and other stuff in your home are not the only places where pet fur can stick to. These can also cling to your clothing. Good thing there are lint rollers available, which are great tools in removing pet fur from any type of clothing.
If you don’t have lint rollers, you can also use tape wrapped around your hand. Just make sure the sticky side is out, so you can use this to brush off the hairs from your clothing.

The quick tips mentioned above are just among the many you can do to get rid of pet fur. If you don’t have time to do it yourself though, you can always contact PerfectClean and we will be glad to do it for you along with our other cleaning services.

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Why Is Upholstery And Carpet Cleaning Essential?

From waking up in the morning to sleeping at night, we are in constant contact with our furniture. From sitting on a sofa sipping some afternoon tea to dining on the dinner table with family and friends, in one way or another we are regularly using our furniture for some activity in our home.
As such, it is very important to keep your upholstery clean.

Below, we have listed some of the reasons why it is important to keep your upholstery clean:

Increases the life of your furniture 

Due to the weather in our region, our furniture is constantly exposed to humidity and dust that tends to compromise our furniture’s integrity, increases wear and tear of our furniture.
A regularly cleaned/well-maintained furniture will help improve the shelf life of our furniture, which can in turn help in saving the cost of replacing or fixing a damaged sofa.

Better Health

While eating some snacks, we might drop some food bits in the corner of a sofa without realising it. This can lead to some fungal growth if left unattended. Harmful bacteria can also buildup in your mattress as we shed dead skin cells while sleeping, these cells can then seep through into the pores of the mattress.
Both, these bacterial and fungal growth, are harmful to us as they can cause skin, breathing and other health complications. It is essential to regularly clean your furniture to avoid any potential health hazards.


No matter how clean your home is, stains on your sofa and/or carpet can ruin the presentation of your home. By hiring professionals to clean your furniture, you can restore your furniture to its original looks and in the process make your space look clean and beautiful!

Eliminate bad smell

Humidity can cause mold and germs to buildup that can then lead to foul smell in the furniture which if ignored can lead to foul smell in the whole room. Cleaning and shampooing your upholstery can get rid of the germs and mold and give your furniture that fresh smell!
We recommend you to clean your furniture every 6 months to make sure there is no mold build up.

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How To Dust Your Home Like An Experienced Cleaner

When a professional cleaner tidies up a home, our own cleaning attempts are quickly put to shame. Professionals get in all the nooks and crannies that we overlook. If you aren’t in the market for hiring a regular cleaner but would rather get the job done yourself, read on.

The secret that makes all the difference? Dust management. These nearly invisible particles accumulate quickly and they do not discriminate. A dusty home is unpleasant, but certainly not unmanageable.

Why does my room get dusty so quickly?

Dust is a combination of tiny particles from the skin, hair, and other types of waste. Wherever there are people and/or pets, there will be some dust.
Here are some more tips to help you dust your house like an experienced cleaner.

What is the best thing to use for dusting?

If you want to do this properly instead of simply moving the dust around in your room, use a microfibre cloth. It’s a square piece of genius, because it can take on a lot of dust without releasing it into the air. The small fibres will not scratch or damage any furniture and you can use the cloth as is.

If it’s been a while since you’ve dusted, wear a filter mask to prevent inhaling the dust and causing a bout of sneezing or allergic reactions.

What is the best way to dust?

From top to bottom, always. Start by dusting the top corners of the room, then the curtain rails, then the wall corners of a room. If you have bookshelves, dust from the top down.
Next, you will want to clear all the surfaces that need dusting and move out the objects that need dusting. Use a microfibre or slightly damp cloth and wipe down.

Get out the vacuum cleaner and start vacuuming all the surfaces and spaces you cleared. Move the furniture around so you can get in under tables, chairs and other furniture. Use a small attachment to get into the hard-to-reach spots.

How do I control the dust in my house?

There is no way to keep your house completely dust-free, but there are ways to manage it.

  • Change your bedding once a week or every second week to keep dust mites away. You can also get an allergen-proof mattress cover.
  • Keep your closet tidy, because clothes shed loads of fibre. Use plastic containers to store your clothes.
  • Keep floors clear of clutter.
  • Avoid carpeting wherever possible.
  • Dust rugs, pillows and other similar articles outside.
  • Don’t use a feather duster.
  • Air purifiers can help filter dust particles.

How often should I dust everything?

Regular light dusting means less heavy dusting. Dust your home in all the easy-to-reach places once a week, and the hard-to-reach areas like ceilings, door frames, and high shelves at least every two weeks or once a month.

It’s nice to do the cleaning on your own once in a while. However, there are some instances that it’s so hard to squeeze in with a busy schedule. If you need help from a professional house cleaner, PerfectClean services can definitely assist you.
If would you like to be made by pro cleaners, then contact us today at, or 086 409 4936

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