Breakdown of the Costs Associated With Professional Window Cleaning Services

Lenard Nagy
Jan 25, 2024

Maintaining sparkling windows is not just about aesthetics. Sparkling windows play a crucial role in ensuring your home remains bright, well-maintained, and energy-efficient.

In this blog, we're here to explain the costs involved in professional window cleaning services for you. If you are curious about the expense of bringing back the shine to your windows, we've prepared a comprehensive guide detailing the costs involved in professional window cleaning, ensuring transparency, and helping you make informed decisions.

5 Cost Factors for Window Cleaning

When it comes to window cleaning, several things can change how much you'll need to pay. These include how many windows you have, the type of windows, the condition of the window sills, and if there are hard water marks that need extra work to clean off. In short, the more windows and the tougher the job, the higher the cost. So, let's have a look:

Cleaning window costs by window type

Here's a simple guide to what it might cost to clean your windows, depending on what kind of windows you have:

  • Cleaning costs for residential windows

To clean all the windows in a house, it will usually cost between €182 to €409.

  • Costs for construction cleaning windows

If your windows need cleaning after building or construction work, expect to pay between €273 to €546.

  • Cost of Commercial window cleaning

Cleaning windows in business or commercial places can vary a lot in price. You could be looking at anything from €455 to €4550, depending on how big the place is and how many windows there are.

Window accessibility Influence the cost

When it comes to window cleaning, how easy it is to reach your windows plays a big role in deciding the price. For windows on the ground floor, it's usually straightforward and doesn't add much to the cost. 

However, if your windows are higher up, like on the second floor or above, or if there are things in the way, like big trees or decorations, then the cleaners might need special gear like ladders or even machines to reach them safely. This can make the job take more time and effort, leading to higher costs. 

In Ireland, the extra cost for cleaning hard-to-reach windows could start from around €10 to €50 extra, depending on just how tricky it is to get to them. Remember, safety and the right tools for the job are key, so it's worth the extra if it means the job is done safely and well.

Condition of windows effect the cost 

The state your windows are in also impacts how much cleaning they will cost. If your windows have a lot of dirt, marks, or haven't been cleaned in a long time, it means the cleaners will need more time and special cleaning stuff to make them sparkle again. This extra effort can bump up the price.

In Ireland, if your windows need a lot more work than usual, you might see the cost go up by about €5 to €30 for each window. It's good to remember that keeping your windows clean regularly can help avoid these extra costs down the line. So, taking care of your windows not only keeps them looking great but can also save you money.

Frequency of cleaning affects the cost of window

How often you get your windows cleaned makes a big difference in the cost, too. If you set up a regular schedule for cleaning, like once a month or every few months, you might get a better deal. Cleaners often give discounts to customers who book cleanings more often because it means steady work for them. 

In Ireland, you could save around 10% to 20% on the usual cost if you go for regular cleanings instead of calling them just once in a while. So, not only do your windows stay cleaner, but you also get to save some money. It's a smart move to keep your windows clear and your wallet a bit fuller.

Number of windows affect the cleaning cost

The total number of windows you have will play a big part in determining your final bill. This also includes how many panes each window has. To clean a single pane, the price can vary from €3.64 to €10.01, with a typical charge of about €4.55 per single sheet of glass in a window

This means cleaning both panes of a standard 3-foot-by-6-foot window would come to around €9.10. If your windows are larger than usual, have many panes, or have types like picture, storm, or multiple panes, cleaning them might cost more.

Here are the costs into Euros (€):

  • For a 1,000 square feet home with 10 dual-pane windows: €72.80 – €200.20
  • For a 1,500 square feet home with 15 dual-pane windows: €109.20 – €300.30
  • For an 1,800 square feet home with 18 dual-pane windows: €127.40 – €364.00
  • For a 2,200 square feet home with 22 dual-pane windows: €163.80 – €436.80
  • For a 2,500 square-foot home with 25 dual-pane windows: €182.00 – €500.50

How to Save Money on Window Cleaning

Getting a professional to clean your windows is a smart choice, but there are ways to cut down on the cost.

  • Do part of the cleaning yourself: You might want to clean the windows you can easily reach or do the inside windows yourself, leaving the outside for the professionals. Companies typically ask for about €5.46 to €11.82 for outside cleaning and around €1.82 to €2.73 for inside cleaning.
  • Get several price estimates: Talk to a few different local services and ask how much they would charge. This doesn't mean you should always go with the cheapest, but it helps you understand what a reasonable price looks like in your area.
  • Clean your windows more often: Windows that are less dirty are cheaper to clean. Try to keep up with cleaning them regularly on your own or by setting up a schedule with a service. They might offer you a better rate for regular appointments compared to just one time.
  • Ask about deals for multiple services: Some services might lower the price if you ask them to do more than just your windows, like cleaning your gutters or the sides of your house.
  • Check for special offers: Always see if there are any discounts available, especially during times when they might not be as busy.

The Final Verdict

So, understanding the costs associated with professional window cleaning can help you make informed decisions about maintaining the clarity and beauty of your home's windows. Whether you opt to tackle some cleaning tasks yourself, seek multiple quotes, or take advantage of regular cleaning schedules and bundled services, there are several ways to manage expenses effectively. 

For personalised assistance and a detailed breakdown of window cleaning costs tailored to your specific needs, consider reaching out to Perfect Clean. Let us guide you through the process and offer solutions that ensure your windows sparkle without breaking the bank. Contact Perfect Clean today for a clearer view tomorrow!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do professional window cleaning services seem more expensive than DIY solutions?

Professional window cleaning takes into account the expertise of trained technicians, specialised equipment, and high-quality cleaning solutions. These factors ensure not just cleanliness but also the longevity and safety of your windows.

How often should I opt for professional window cleaning for my commercial space?

The frequency depends on your location, exposure to dirt, and specific needs. However, most commercial spaces benefit from professional cleaning at least twice a year to maintain a polished appearance and prevent buildup.

Are there additional charges for cleaning windows on higher floors?

Yes. Cleaning windows at elevated heights requires specialised equipment, more safety precautions, and sometimes more personnel, leading to increased costs.

Does the cost include both interior and exterior window cleaning?

Typically, professional services offer both interior and exterior cleaning packages, but the cost might vary based on the package chosen. It's always best to clarify with the service provider.

Do eco-friendly window cleaning solutions cost more?

Some professional services might charge a bit more for eco-friendly products due to their special ingredients. However, they are beneficial for the environment and can be gentler on your windows.

Is there a way to reduce the cost of professional window cleaning?

Some providers offer discounts for regular customers or those who schedule cleanings during off-peak seasons. It's always a good idea to ask about any ongoing promotions or loyalty discounts.

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