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Are you worried about the condition of your rental property as tenants come and go? With Perfect Clean's professional end of tenancy cleaning services in Ireland, you can ensure your property shines, encouraging quicker re-renting and satisfying both landlords and tenants. Don't wait! Call us today or fill out our contact form to make your property clean, and ready for the next tenant!

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What Do We Include in Thorough End of Tenancy Cleaning?

Our careful process of end of tenancy cleaning in Ireland goes beyond a basic clean-up; it includes a detailed deep clean designed to restore the property to its original condition. This can be important for landlords and tenants to ensure the process is smooth and satisfactory.

Kitchen Cleaning

Our team offers a comprehensive cleaning service to the kitchen, being a high-use area. This includes degreasing the oven, cleaning behind appliances, and sanitising all surfaces to ensure they are free of food debris and dirt, thus restoring the kitchen's cleanliness and hygiene.

Bathroom Sanitisation

We ensure that your bathrooms are scrubbed from every corner. Our experts remove limescale from taps, shower heads and glass screens, toilets are disinfected thoroughly, and mop the floors with antibacterial solutions to ensure a germ-free environment.

Living Areas

Our team makes it sure that all living spaces are dusted, including skirting boards and light fixtures. We move furniture to clean underneath and behind, ensuring every inch of the floor is spotless. Our team also steam cleans the carpets to remove stains so they get a new look.

Bedrooms and Hallways

Our focus is to clean every bedroom carefully with attention to wardrobes and drawers. We polish mirrors and windows, ensuring maximum light reflection. We also offer special attention to hallways to remove any scuff marks and dust build-ups.

Windows and Upholstery

Our professional makes sure to clean all the windows both inside and out where accessible, enhancing natural light. We also clean and vacuum upholstery thoroughly and steam clean the curtains to remove any smell or stains.

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Impact of End of Tenancy on Your Deposit

Getting your deposit back when you move out usually depends on leaving the property clean. Our experts can help you get your full deposit back by making sure everything is spotless.

Meeting Landlord Standards

Our professional cleaning meets the high standards set by landlords and rental agencies, which is often detailed in the tenancy agreement. This alignment with expectations is critical for avoiding disputes over cleanliness at move-out.

Documented Condition

A thorough clean can serve as documented proof of the property’s condition at move-out, providing a point of reference against the initial inventory report. By providing this document, we can help to stop any disputes arise regarding the state of the property.

Avoiding Cleaning Charges

By hiring our professional cleaners, tenants can avoid potentially inflated cleaning charges from landlords who may otherwise choose to arrange cleaning services themselves at a higher rate.

Enhanced Property Condition

Our professional cleaners use high-grade equipment and products to not only clean but also maintain the condition of appliances, surfaces, and fixtures, potentially preventing deductions for damage or wear beyond normal use.

Comprehensive Coverage

Our experts also give a detailed attention to areas often overlooked in routine cleaning, like behind appliances and tops of cabinets in a professional end of tenancy cleaning in Ireland. This thorough cleaning ensures that no area is left, which might otherwise lead to withheld deposits.

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Why is Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning Recommended Over DIY?

Choosing a professional end of tenancy cleaning over DIY can save time, ensuring compliance with rental agreements. Professionals use specialised techniques and products that significantly perform better than standard DIY methods.

Quality and Thoroughness

Our professional cleaners are equipped with specialised tools and products that ensure a thorough clean, which is often required in tenancy agreements. Our expertise addresses areas that you might overlook, ensuring the property meets the landlord's standards.


Our professional cleaning service saves considerable time. Instead of spending multiple days cleaning, tenants can focus on their work confidently that the cleaning will be completed efficiently and effectively within a scheduled timeframe.

Avoid Disputes

Our professional cleaners understand the standards required by landlords, which can differ significantly from typical home cleaning. Our professionals help prevent disputes over the condition of the property and secure the return of deposits.


While there is an upfront cost to hire a professional service, it can be more cost-effective in the long run. Our professionals ensure that cleaning is done right the first time, avoiding potential re-cleaning costs and helping ensure the full deposit is returned.

Health and Safety

Our professional cleaning services are acknowledged for the correct use of chemicals and provide a level of sanitation that typical DIY cleaning may not achieve, which is particularly important in areas such as bathrooms and kitchens where hygiene is of supreme importance.

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How Do We Stand Out in Providing Professional End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services?

Choosing the right end of tenancy cleaning service in Ireland is crucial for ensuring that the job is done to the highest standards. Here are our key aspects to consider to ensure you have selected the best service.

Reputation and Reviews

We provide positive reviews and testimonials from previous clients to measure the reliability and quality of our cleaning service. You can check the positive feedback by both our clients and local estate agents.

Insurance and Certification

Our cleaning company is fully insured and certified. This protects you in case of damages or accidents during the cleaning process. Certification by industry bodies also reflects a commitment to best practices and high standards.

Guarantee of Service

We provide cleaning services that offer a guarantee, such as a return-free cleaning option if the initial clean does not meet the agreed standards. It ensures that we are confident in our level of service and committed to providing satisfactory outcomes.

Detailed Cleaning Checklist

Our cleaning service provides a comprehensive checklist that covers all areas of the property. This ensures that nothing is missed during the cleaning process and that the clean meets the specific requirements of the tenancy agreement.

Availability and Flexibility

Our services can accommodate your schedule and provide cleaning at a time that suits you. We understand that flexibility is important, especially if you need urgent cleaning services at short notice to ensure the property is ready for inspection.

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Don't let a messy space stress you out! Sit back and relax while our expert cleaners in Ireland transform your space. Contact us now to schedule your cleaning appointment!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you include in the end of tenancy cleaning?

Our end of tenancy cleaning covers a deep clean of the entire property including kitchen appliances like ovens and refrigerators, bathrooms, windows, carpets, and all surfaces. It's intended to bring the property back to its original condition as much as possible​.

How long do you take for the end of tenancy cleaning?

The duration depends on the property size and condition but typically, for a medium-sized home, it might take a full day for two cleaners to complete the job. The exact time can vary based on the depth of cleaning required​.

Do you offer rescheduled cleaning services?

You can easily get your slot rescheduled in case of an emergency or when something comes up. Our cleaners are committed to taking care of your home as per your preferences. You have full freedom to choose the date and time that works best for you.

What type of supplies do you use for house cleaners?

Our professional cleaners use products that are completely safe. Our team is trained enough to use all professional supplies and equipment.

What should I check when hiring an end of tenancy cleaning service?

Ensure the service includes all the areas you need cleaned, check for a service guarantee, confirm they bring their own supplies, and review their customer feedback for reliability and effectiveness​. For a professional end of tenancy cleaning, contact us today to get your cleaning tasks done in the right way.

Who will clean my office or home?

Our carefully selected, trained, and experienced professionals clean your home or office. We ensure that the work is done efficiently and effectively. Our cleaning service makes sure that the same team is sent every time you choose their services.

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