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Are you struggling to keep your driveway or patio clean and presentable? Our professional power washing service in Dublin is here to help you! We provide high-quality pressure washing services for residential and industrial clients, leaving your property clean and fresh.

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Why Choose Us For Power Washing In Dublin?

Let our team of experts transform your property’s appearance and help you save money on costly repairs and maintenance.

Experienced and Professional Staff

Our power washing company comprises experienced and trained professionals who use the latest cleaning techniques and equipment to provide exceptional results.

Quality Results

We take pride in our work and strive to deliver the best results possible for all of our clients.


We use eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are safe for the environment and won’t damage your property.

Affordable Prices

Our services are competitively priced, ensuring that you get great value for your money.

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Benefits Of Pressure Washing

Improved Curb Appeal: Power washing your property’s exterior surfaces will improve their appearance, making them more attractive to visitors and potential buyers.

Increased Property Value: Regular pressure washing can help maintain your property’s value, protecting it from damage caused by dirt, grime, and other contaminants.

Healthier Living and Working Environment: It helps eliminate harmful bacteria, mould, and other allergens, providing a healthier living or working environment.

Preventive Maintenance: It can help prevent the buildup of grime, dirt, and other contaminants that can cause structural damage to your property over time. You can save money on costly repairs and maintenance down the road through regular washing.

Increased Safety: By removing slippery substances like algae, moss, and mildew, pressure washing can make your property’s surfaces safer for walking and driving. This can help reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, making your property a safer place for everyone who uses it.

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Our Exterior Cleaning Services

Cladding Power Washing

Our cladding power washing service is designed to clean and restore the exterior of your property. Over time, dirt and grime can build up on the cladding, making it look dull and unattractive. Our techniques are gentle enough to protect your property while providing a deep clean to remove all the accumulated dirt and grime, restoring its shine, and enhancing its overall appearance.

Walls, Roofs, Patios, Driveways, and More

We cover a wide range of outdoor surfaces, including walls, roofs, patios, driveways, and more. We use state-of-the-art equipment to provide a thorough and effective clean, removing all dirt and grime to restore the surface’s original appearance. Our team is experienced in working with different types of surfaces, ensuring we use the appropriate cleaning techniques for each surface to avoid damage.

Wood and Deck Cleaning

Wooden surfaces and decks require special care when cleaning. We provide a deep clean, removing dirt, stains, and other contaminants that can accumulate over time. We use specialised equipment and cleaning products to ensure a thorough clean that is gentle on your wood, protecting it from damage while restoring its natural beauty.

Retail Parks

We understand the importance of maintaining a clean and hygienic environment for shoppers and visitors at retail parks. Our power washing services cater to retail parks, providing a deep clean to all outdoor areas, including parking lots, walkways, and buildings. We use high-pressure washing techniques to remove all dirt, grime, and other contaminants, ensuring a clean and welcoming environment for shoppers and visitors.

Schools, Offices, Hotels

Our pressure washing services extend beyond residential properties to commercial and industrial areas, including schools, offices, and hotels. We understand the importance of maintaining a clean and hygienic environment for employees and visitors. Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality service to ensure your property is sparkling clean.

Our Power Washing Process

Our power washing process is designed to provide the best results for your property. Here’s what you can expect when you choose our power washing services in Dublin:

  1. Assessment: Our team will assess your property to determine the best cleaning techniques and solutions to use. We take into account the type of surface, its condition, and any specific cleaning requirements you may have.
  2. Preparation: We will prepare the area for cleaning by removing any loose debris and protecting any areas that should not be cleaned.
  3. Cleaning: Our team will use state-of-the-art equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to thoroughly clean your property’s exterior surfaces. We use the appropriate pressure and temperature settings to ensure a deep clean without causing any damage.
  4. Rinsing: After cleaning, we will rinse the surfaces thoroughly to remove any remaining dirt and cleaning solution.
  5. Final Inspection: Our team will conduct a final inspection to ensure that all surfaces have been cleaned to your satisfaction.

Our power washing process is designed to provide exceptional results while protecting your property and the environment. Contact us today to schedule your power washing service in Dublin!

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Looking for a professional pressure washing company in Dublin to help you maintain a clean and fresh-looking property? Look no further than our expert team!

With our years of experience and commitment to quality, we can help you achieve your desired results. So why wait? Contact us today to learn more about our power washing services in Dublin.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does power washing cost in Ireland?

The cost of power washing in Ireland varies depending on the size and type of the area to be cleaned, but expect to pay anywhere from €100 to €500 on average.

How much does driveway cleaning cost in Dublin?

The cost of driveway cleaning in Dublin also varies, but expect to pay around €100 to €200 for a standard-sized driveway.

Does my garden need to be re-sanded after pressure washing?

It is recommended to re-sand your garden after pressure washing to ensure proper drainage and prevent weeds from growing. The cost of re-sanding depends on the size of your garden and the type of sand used.

Why is power washing important?

Power washing is important for maintaining the cleanliness, safety, and aesthetic appeal of surfaces. It helps remove built-up dirt, stains, and pollutants, prolonging the lifespan of surfaces such as driveways, sidewalks, decks, and building exteriors.

How often should power washing be done?

The frequency of power washing depends on factors such as location, weather conditions, and the level of dirt and debris buildup. In general, power washing is recommended on an annual basis or as needed to maintain the cleanliness and condition of surfaces.

Is power washing environmental friendly?

Power washing can be environmentally friendly when proper measures are taken. Professional power washing companies use eco-friendly cleaning agents and follow best practises to minimise water waste and protect surrounding vegetation during the cleaning process.

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