Cost of Car Mould Removal in Ireland

Lenard Nagy
Nov 30, 2023

Are you noticing an unpleasant, musty smell every time you step into your car? Mould in your vehicle is not just a minor inconvenience—it's a health hazard and a damage risk to your car's interior. 

In Ireland, the cost of car mould removal is a concern for many, with prices averaging around €36. However, the peace of mind and health benefits that come with a mould-free car are invaluable. The cost can vary depending on the severity of the mould, the size of the car, and additional services required.

Furthermore, in this blog post, we'll explore the factors that affect the cost of car mould removal, the average cost range, and the importance of choosing a professional service for an eco-friendly, efficient solution. 

So, say goodbye to allergies and respiratory problems caused by car mould; read on to find out how you can ensure a clean, safe, and pleasant driving environment.

Key Takeaways

  • Car mould removal in Ireland costs an average of €36.
  • Mould growth in cars can cause health risks such as allergies and respiratory problems.
  • Factors that affect the cost of car mould removal include the severity of the growth, the size of the car, the location, and any additional services required.
  • Choose a professional and accredited service for eco-friendly solutions and fast and reliable service at affordable rates.

Cost of Car Mould Removal in Ireland

The cost of car mould removal in Ireland varies depending on the extent of the mould growth and the size of the affected area.

Average cost range

The average cost range for car mould removal in Ireland is around €36. This price includes interior car valeting packages that are available at competitive rates. The services provided by professionals in Dublin aim to quickly and effectively eliminate mould from your vehicle.

Additionally, if you need a mould inspection, there is a fee of €220 in the Dublin area. It's important to note that Perfect Clean is a leading service provider when it comes to removing mould, and they offer genuine advice along with a confidential, insured service.

Remember, the cost of removing mould and mildew can vary depending on the extent of the problem, with prices ranging from €20–€30 per hour or even higher for an entire home filled with mould, which can range from €500–€4,000.

Factors that affect cost

There are several factors that can affect the cost of car mould removal in Ireland. One important factor is the severity of the mould growth. If the mould has spread extensively throughout the car, it may require more time and effort to remove, which could increase the cost.

Another factor is the size of the car. Larger vehicles may have more interior space to clean and treat for mould, leading to higher costs. The location of your property can also impact the cost, as prices can vary between different regions in Ireland.

Additionally, if there are any additional services required during the mould removal process, such as bug removal or full car detailing, this can also add to the overall cost. It's important to consider these factors when budgeting for a professional car mould removal service in Ireland.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Car Mould Removal Services

When choosing a car mould removal service, it is important to select a professional and accredited provider who offers eco-friendly solutions, fast and reliable service, and affordable rates.

Professional and accredited services

Opting for a professional and accredited service is key when dealing with car mould. Such services are typically staffed with trained and certified experts who handle vehicles with care and precision.

Additionally, the use of eco-friendly solutions in these services not only takes care of the mould problem but also does so in a way that's safe for both the car and the environment. This approach ensures a mould-free vehicle promptly, often backed by customer satisfaction guarantees.

Eco-friendly solutions

The significance of eco-friendly solutions for car mould removal cannot be overstated. Services that prioritise environmentally friendly options typically use non-toxic and biodegradable products.

These products are effective in eliminating mould while also being harmless to the environment. Choosing a service that uses such eco-friendly methods contributes to maintaining the vehicle's cleanliness and minimising its environmental impact.

Fast and reliable service

A fast and reliable car mould removal service is essential for restoring the vehicle's condition quickly and efficiently. Providers who focus on rapid and dependable service usually employ professional techniques, combining eco-friendly solutions with industrial-grade chemicals where necessary. 

This blend ensures effective mould removal without sacrificing safety. With competitive pricing and efficient service, customers can expect thorough and satisfactory mould removal, making the vehicle a clean and healthy environment once again.

Benefits of Having a Mould-Free Car

Having a mould-free car offers several benefits, including improved air quality, protection of the car's interior, and peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is clean and safe.

Improved air quality

Having a mould-free car can greatly improve the air quality inside your vehicle. Mould spores can release harmful allergens and irritants that can affect your respiratory system and overall health.

By getting rid of car mould, you are creating a healthier environment for yourself and your passengers. With professional car mould removal services in Ireland, you can ensure that the air you breathe while driving is clean and free from any potential hazards.

So, don't overlook the importance of having improved air quality in your car!

Protection of car interior

Keeping your car interior free from mould is essential for a healthy and comfortable driving experience. When mould grows inside your car, it can cause unpleasant odoursdamage the upholstery, and even affect the air quality you breathe while driving.

So, by investing in professional car mould removal services like Perfect Clean, you can protect your car interior from these issues. With their fast and reliable service, Perfect Clean will ensure that all traces of mould are eliminated using eco-friendly solutions.

So, this will not only improve the air quality inside your car but also give you peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is clean and safe to drive. So, why wait? Choose Perfect Clean for affordable rates and customer satisfaction.

Peace of mind

Having a mould-free car can provide you with peace of mind. Knowing that your vehicle is free from harmful mould and bacteria helps to ensure the health and safety of both you and your passengers.

Mould can have negative effects on air quality, which can lead to respiratory issues and allergies. By investing in professional car mould removal services in Ireland, you can enjoy improved air quality inside your car as well as protect the interior from damage caused by mould growth.

So, with affordable rates and reliable service, you can have peace of mind knowing that your car is clean and safe to use.


In conclusion, it's important to address car mould problems in Ireland promptly. The cost of car mould removal can vary, but on average, it is around €36. By choosing a professional and accredited service, you can ensure fast and reliable removal using eco-friendly solutions.

So, with a mould-free car, you'll enjoy improved air quality, protect your car's interior, and have peace of mind knowing your vehicle is clean and safe. So, don't hesitate to invest in car mould removal for a healthier driving experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of car mould removal in Ireland?

The cost of car mould removal in Ireland differs based on factors like property location and the extent of mould treatment needed.

Is there a mould inspection fee involved?

Yes, the mould inspection fee is part of mould remediation prices in Ireland and can differ based on several factors.

Can I get my car cleaned at the same time as the mould treatment?

Absolutely! Many places offering vehicle valeting also offer interior cleaning services that include car washing along with sterilisation and sanitisation.

Does removing mould involve using industrial-based chemicals?

Mostly yes, mould treatment often involves the use of industrial-based chemicals for thorough clean-up, but it depends on severity too.

Are there any other expenses for removing car mould in Ireland?

Car mould removal costs can involve charges related to labour, specialised equipment usage, and sometimes even sterilisation services, depending on the situation.

How effective are eco-friendly solutions for car mould removal?

Eco-friendly solutions are both effective and safer for the car interior and the environment. Professionals often use these green alternatives to ensure a thorough yet environmentally responsible mould removal process.

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