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Organise Kitchen Cupboard In Minutes

This week’s task is organising a Kitchen Cupboard.
Focus on at least one kitchen cupboard this week and if you have extra time, tackle more than one. If you’re feeling really productive take on all your cupboards or do one or two every day this week.

The best way to organize is to move quickly – concentrating on the task at hand is important to making some changes in your cupboards. Follow a couple simple steps and you’ll have a clean and organized cupboards in 15 minutes flat.

  • Empty cupboard onto the kitchen counter or a table.
  • Wipe entire cupboard clean.
  • Separate items in the cupboard into these categories – Keep, Toss, Donate, Relocate.
  • Return items to shelves – group like items together and make sure your order is logical and makes sense for the needs of your family.

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