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A clean office boosts staff morale and casts a positive image on customers. Hire a team of adequately trained and vetted cleaning companies to get high-quality business and office cleaning services in Dublin

Increase work productivity by investing in cleaning.

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    Reliable Corporate Cleaning Services

    Perfect Clean understands the importance of keeping your corporate workplace clean at all times. When you hire us, we begin by taking out all the trash, dumping it, dusting everything, power wash driveways, cleaning the workplace from top to bottom, and vacuuming the facility. When the crew has finished office cleaning in Dublin, the place looks presentable and clean, allowing you to project a great image to your clients.  Furthermore, a clean environment improves the efficiency of your employees.

    We want to keep your office clean, tidy and disinfected thoroughly. That’s why, being a highly-competent corporate cleaning company, we choose a trained crew to be part of our cleaning team. Plus, our cleaners use chemicals that are incredibly effective and non-hazardous to use.

    Office Cleaning Dublin

    Office Carpet Cleaning In Dublin Would Protect Your Investment

    Our business cleaning services are one of a kind in the county due to our commitment to consumers, reliability, and proficiency. So don’t waste time deciding which detergent to use for commercial window cleaning or investing in the in-house janitorial team. Call  01 549 4920 to hire an affordable and skilled corporate cleaning company in Dublin. You can fill in the form to get a quote from us. We also offer a free consultation.

    What We Clean in Your Office?

    The following are the areas that our corporate cleaning service focuses on, as well as the numerous jobs that expert cleaners at Perfect Clean will handle for you:

    • Getting rid of the office clutter
    • Taking out the rubbish and emptying bins
    • Cleaning the office room to room, balconies and lobbies
    • Vacuuming and dusting furniture and upholstery
    • Cleaning the windows both inside and out
    • Carpet and rug cleaning and drying
    • Thorough floor cleaning – mopping or using tools
    • Cleaning the kitchen/canteen at the office
    • Cleaning and sprucing up the restroom
    • Removing smears and stains from office equipment

    You can select any or all of the services listed above for your corporate offices. Perfect Clean can also provide you with a cleaning contract in which you can schedule daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning of your facility.

    Best Cleaning Services We Provide

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    Office Cleaning Cost

    Is Office Cleaning Cost-Effective in Dublin?

    Don’t be concerned about the cost of cleaning in Dublin. It will not add to your expenses but instead cut them. How will it happen? A clean and sanitary environment will lower the number of employees who become unwell, thereby reducing absenteeism from work. Secondly, hiring a corporate cleaning company will save you the cost of hiring an in-house cleaning crew and spending money on cleaning chemicals.

    Perfect Clean aims to provide you with utmost satisfaction. Not only will our skilled cleaners ensure the hygiene and safety of your company. But, we also bring cleaning equipment and non-hazardous cleaning products with us, so you don’t have to bear the burden. Call us now at 01 549 4920 to book a cleaning service in Dublin.

    Get the Best Business and Office Cleaning Services

    Perfect Clean extends office cleaning in Dublin to local businesses, corporate offices, large firms and facilities. Over the years, we have gained more expertise and strived to be better at our job. As a result, we provide highly-effective cleaning at a cost lower than other cleaning contractors. Our cleaning service ranges from commercial window cleaning, carpet washing and cleaning, power washing the exterior of your building and much more.

    Call us now at  01 549 4920 for a non-binding, free estimate if you need to hire an affordable corporate cleaning company in Dublin. We’ll get back to you with reasonable pricing and a perfect cleaning package for your business.


    FAQs About Office Cleaning in Dublin

    Will you deep clean my corporate office?

    Yes, Perfect Clean provides you with deep cleaning of corporate offices along with commercial kitchens, facilities, institutions and more. We also offer power washing services for gutters and driveways of your commercial buildings.

    Can I run my business on the cleaning day?

    A thorough office cleaning causes a lot of commotion in your office, disturbing your business operations. But we at Perfect Clean try to be as stress-free for you as possible. Our office cleaning process is smooth and allows your employees to carry out everyday business.

    How much does it cost to hire office cleaning service in Dublin?

    There isn’t any fixed pricing for corporate cleaning in Ireland. We provide you with an estimate based on the size of your office, the kind of cleaning you require, and the number of floors that need to be cleaned. But rest assured that our pricing is affordable for all local and corporate businesses.



    What They Said About Us

    Min Seungtae
    Min Seungtae
    They have been such a big help in keeping my business clean. They are always on time and do a great job.
    Kayden Higgins
    Kayden Higgins
    Great experience
    Aaron Herreral
    Aaron Herreral
    The staff was professional and courteous, and they did an excellent job of cleaning my office
    Wiliam Jon
    Wiliam Jon
    They always leave our gym spotless and ready for clients. Thanks, Perfect Clean
    Aisling McCay
    Aisling McCay
    Efficient, professional service. Very happy with windows afterwards.
    Schnapp Egon
    Schnapp Egon
    Everything is neat and clean. No complaints whatsoever. I highly recommend these boys!
    Jamie Carass
    Jamie Carass
    Amazing service. The girls were very quick and done a great job for a good price. Definitely recommend them
    Amy Morris
    Amy Morris
    Rory Harpur
    Rory Harpur
    Stefano Breglia
    Stefano Breglia