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Perfect Clean is an Irish contract cleaning company based in Dublin that offers commercial and residential property owners personalised cleaning services. Our efficient cleaning services are backed up by excellent customer service and are affordable to everyone. Call 01 549 4920 for more details and a cleaning quote.

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    Why choose Contract Cleaning over a Janitorial Team?

    Going through the hiring process and selecting a professional and dependable workforce adds to your daily tasks. You’d rather spend that time focused on your business than deciding which chemicals to purchase for cleaning your facilities. To top it all off, you would have the burden of managing your housekeeping crew. However, you can avoid all the trouble by contracting with cleaning companies in Dublin. Call us for a free site survey at 01 549 4920.

    Perfect Clean is one of Dublin’s leading contract cleaning companies with years of experience and expertise. By getting hold of our best cleaning services, you will avoid the inconvenience and expense of hiring an in-house janitorial crew. Rather than picking every individual on the cleaning team, all you have to do is select a reliable cleaning contractor in Dublin. As a bonus, you will only have to pay for the services you require.

    At Perfect Clean, we offer bathroom cleaning, commercial cleaning, tiles and floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, power washing, window cleaning and much more as a part of our contract. Your cleaning contract can comprise a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning schedule, as desired. So dial up 01 549 4920 for getting a quote for contract cleaning costs in Ireland.

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    You no longer need to be concerned about how to clean your commercial facility thoroughly. With our cleaning service, Perfect Clean has you covered. The professional team will arrive at the site with eco-friendly chemicals and the most up-to-date equipment at the scheduled time. After we finish the job, we will leave your place clean and fresh. Here are all the reasons why you should contract with us in Ireland:

    • Flexible cleaning packages
    • Affordable cleaning at your disposal
    • Trained professionals at work
    • Zero hassle for you
    • Efficient cleaning
    • Pay for what you need
    • Decades of experience

    Now you know why you should hire a contract cleaner. Contract cleaning is an outsourced service, and you can use it whenever you need it. The worries of employing permanent personnel will be gone. Instead, you’ll contract with a professional cleaning company in Dublin that adapts to your needs.

    Perfect Clean is competent and experienced in what we do – ensuring the most outstanding cleaning results in the shortest time. We offer various cleaning services and can tailor a solution suitable to your business. It’s easy and stress-free. Call us right now at 01 549 4920 or fill out the form to obtain an estimate for the best cleaning services.


    FAQs About Cleaning Contract

    How much does contract cleaning cost in Ireland?

    The cost will vary greatly depending on the services you have requested, the frequency of the cleaning, and your contract cleaners in Dublin. Choose a company that offers good value for money and dial 01 549 4920.

    Are cleaning chemicals included in the cleaning contract, or do I have to supply them?

    Perfect Clean has got your back. The team comes in with the essential equipment and chemicals for cleaning your residential and business property, so you don’t have to worry. We offer all kinds of domestic cleaning and commercial cleaning services.

    What are the advantages of cleaning contract for me?

    Contract cleaning has various advantages, including being low-cost and causing minimal hassle for you. Plus, you just obtain and pay for what you require.



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