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Relieve your staff and yourself from the tiring and time-consuming task of deep cleaning your commercial kitchen. Perfect Clean has the right team, tools, and expertise to clean every nook and corner of a commercial kitchen and make everything look pristine.

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    Cleaning Commercial Kitchen for Restaurants and Hotels

    A commercial kitchen needs to be spik and span and cleaned up to the regulations and standards. But regardless of the efforts of your cleaning staff, the kitchen keeps getting messy, and the oil and dirt in the air keep building up on everything. Plus, a commercial kitchen gets very dirty quickly due to enormous commotion all day long.

    Therefore it’s time to hire a professional. A cleaning company in Dublin can help you save on time and resources by providing impeccable commercial kitchen cleaning. Perfect Clean has been helping restaurant and hotel owners to keep up with the cleaning protocols. We promise you spotless and regulation-compliant cleaning of your restaurant’s kitchen. Our commercial kitchen cleaning services include:

    • Scrubbing the countertop
    • Cleaning the grout and grime off of the tiles
    • Mopping and drying the kitchen floor
    • Clearing and cleaning commercial kitchen cabinets
    • Cleaning and polishing the exterior of appliances
    • Cleaning microwaves, ovens, stoves and grills
    • Dusting and vacuuming the whole place
    • Commercial kitchen duct cleaning
    • Wiping all the smudges and oil stains
    • Cleaning tables and chairs if any
    • Washing utensils and other kitchen tools
    • Shine faucets and cabinet hardware
    Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

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    commercial kitchen duct cleaning

    Exceptional Commercial Kitchen Duct Cleaning

    Assume the kitchen ducts are not cleaned regularly. In this case, fats, oily layers, and debris can build up in kitchen duct systems, limiting airflow efficiency and creating a warm, greasy habitat for bacteria to thrive. It can even lead to fire hazards.

    Perfect Clean especially puts immense effort into cleaning the commercial kitchen ducts. We provide a professional service carried out by fully qualified staff. Our commercial kitchen duct cleaning service removes built-up grease and dirt, ensuring all your duct meets the safety requirements. Book a free site consultation with us right away.

    Get Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning from Experts

    Our cleaning services aren’t just for restaurants and hotels. We also provide excellent commercial kitchen cleaning services to cafeterias, school and college canteens, catering businesses, local diners, bars, and others. The staff makes every effort to give you a satisfactory result. Our customer retention is high because we offer value for money with a reliable and honest service, achieving top results every time.

    So give us a call at 01 549 4920 to determine how much restaurant kitchen cleaning costs and other information. We’ll get back to you within with a free estimate. You can even book a free consultation with us as per your convenience. Perfect Clean can also provide you with a kitchen cleaning contract in Ireland.


    FAQs About Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

    How frequently should a commercial kitchen be thoroughly cleaned?

    A commercial kitchen is a heavy traffic space utilised regularly, which causes filth to accumulate everywhere. While regular cleaning is vital, you should get your commercial kitchen deep-cleaned once every 6-8 months. Contact us if you require complete deep-cleaning services as well.

    What is the average time it takes to clean a commercial kitchen?

    The day’s operations will have to be halted for the restaurant’s commercial kitchen cleaning. All appliances, utensils, and counters will be unavailable for use as they will be cleaned. The kitchen cabinet and duct cleaning will also take 2 to 5 hours.

    How much will my restaurant’s kitchen cleaning service cost me?

    A proper estimate can only be given when we know the kind of cleaning services you need and the size of the job. To get the accurate pricing, give us a call at  01 549 4920, and we will get back to you with a quote.



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    They always leave our gym spotless and ready for clients. Thanks, Perfect Clean
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    Aisling McCay
    Efficient, professional service. Very happy with windows afterwards.
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    Everything is neat and clean. No complaints whatsoever. I highly recommend these boys!
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    Amazing service. The girls were very quick and done a great job for a good price. Definitely recommend them
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