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Perfect Clean offers professional chimney cleaning services in Dublin, Ireland. Our certified cleaners use the latest techniques to ensure your chimney is free from dirt, soot, and other hazardous materials. We take great care to ensure that your chimney is in tip-top shape and that your home is protected from any potential dangers associated with a dirty chimney. 

With our years of experience and expertise in the field, you can be confident that your chimney will be clean and safe for use. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you keep your chimney in perfect condition.

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    Why Choose Perfect Clean?

    • Quality Service: Our experienced and certified team of chimney sweeps uses the latest technology and techniques to provide quality service every time.
    • Safety: We take safety seriously, working hard to ensure your chimney is clean and free of debris, soot buildup, creosote, and other materials that can be a hazard to property or life.
    • Convenience: We make it easy to get your chimney cleaned with our flexible scheduling and convenient online booking.
    • Affordability: Our competitive rates and free quotes make it easy to get the quality service you need without breaking the bank.
    • Reliability: You can count on us to be there when you need us, no matter the day or time.
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    Our Step-by-Step Process of Chimney Cleaning

    Step 1: Initial Inspection

    Our certified cleaners will thoroughly inspect your chimney to identify any potential problems and determine the extent of the cleaning needed.

    Step 2: Removing Dirt and Debris

    We use the latest technology and techniques to remove dirt, soot, debris and any built-up creosote formed due to burning wood.

    Step 3: Sealing the Chimney

    We will seal off your chimney with a protective cover to prevent any materials from entering your home during the cleaning.

    Step 4: Installing New Liners and Caps

    If necessary, we will install new liners and caps to ensure your chimney is up to code.

    Step 5: Testing for Smoke and Gas Leaks

    To ensure the safety of your home, we will perform a smoke or gas leak test to detect any issues.

    Step 6: Final Inspection

    After the cleaning is complete, we will perform a final inspection to ensure everything has been done correctly and that your chimney is safe and clean.

    For more information about our chimney cleaning services in Dublin, Ireland, contact Perfect Clean today. We look forward to assisting you with all your chimney cleaning needs.

    Other Services Offered by Perfect Clean

    In addition to chimney cleaning, Perfect Clean offers various other services. Our experienced cleaners can help with the following:

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    Looking for quality, reliable and affordable chimney cleaning services in Dublin? Look no further than Perfect Clean. Our experienced and certified team of chimney sweeps use the latest technology and techniques to provide quality service every time. Contact us today for a free quote, and let us help keep your chimney clean and safe.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How often should I get my chimney cleaned?

    You should have your chimney inspected and cleaned at least once a year. This will help ensure your chimney is in good condition and safe to use.

    How much does chimney cleaning cost?

    The cost of chimney cleaning can vary depending on the size and condition of your chimney and the services included in the cleaning. Generally, the cost can range from €100 to €250.

    How long does it take to clean a chimney?

    The time it takes to clean a chimney depends on the size and type of your chimney and the amount of debris and buildup that needs to be removed. Generally, a single chimney cleaning job takes between 2-4 hours.

    What time of year is best to clean chimneys?

    The best time to clean chimneys is in late summer or early fall, before cold weather sets in. This will help ensure your chimney is in good condition and safe to use during winter. It is also advisable to schedule your chimney cleaning for a dry day or during a period of low humidity.

    Can I clean my chimney by myself?

    We do not recommend cleaning your chimney by yourself, as it can be dangerous. Professional chimney sweeps are specially trained and have the necessary tools and equipment to clean chimneys safely. It is always best to leave the job to the professionals. Contact Perfect Clean today for expert chimney cleaning services.



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    Min Seungtae
    Min Seungtae
    They have been such a big help in keeping my business clean. They are always on time and do a great job.
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    Kayden Higgins
    Great experience
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    Aaron Herreral
    The staff was professional and courteous, and they did an excellent job of cleaning my office
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    Wiliam Jon
    They always leave our gym spotless and ready for clients. Thanks, Perfect Clean
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    Aisling McCay
    Efficient, professional service. Very happy with windows afterwards.
    Schnapp Egon
    Schnapp Egon
    Everything is neat and clean. No complaints whatsoever. I highly recommend these boys!
    Jamie Carass
    Jamie Carass
    Amazing service. The girls were very quick and done a great job for a good price. Definitely recommend them
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    Amy Morris
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    Rory Harpur
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    Stefano Breglia